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  • Garden Home Products does what any good group should do as far as service – we put each and every Oregon or Washington gardening retailer on a call cycle and never, ever neglect an account no matter the size of the account or the volume they produce.
  • We always focus on the best wholesale pricing and our customers make it known how much they appreciate and enjoy seeing Garden Home Products with the frequency they do. Any issues that arise are met with total professionalism. We address issues with the customer in an effort to get an answer as quickly and thoroughly as possible.


  • We source superior products, and deliver outstanding service and support to our partners as we enhance their business by encouraging and promoting improved retail sales.

Company Objectives


  • Continue to be regarded as the best representative firm in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho
  • Represent only those companies that produce premium quality, competitively priced core garden products for today’s consumer
  • Provide effective tailor-made marketing solutions that explore new supply channels and re-evaluate existing and new distribution relationships
  • Continue to provide regular service related sales calls and expand product knowledge training and seminars to employees and/or customers
  • Appraise and continue to re-evaluate distributors and their buying shows and any significant trade or market shows as they relate to our manufacturers and retailers
  • We have a record of consistent growth and continuing success with our manufacturer’s which contributes to our overall understanding of the constantly evolving garden industry.


Ernie Carlson

Ernie-CarlsonConceived from an ambition to deliver the best, Ernie Carlson co-founded Garden Home Products in 2000 with the objective of bringing unparalleled sales support and quality products to the garden and hardware industries.

Now, with a rich 20-year history in the garden products industry, Ernie gained much from his ten years at Garden Grow/Whitney Farms – where he learned valuable manufacturing and production skills, grew in experience, and developed insight into production, distribution, purchasing, and sales as he managed operations for them. From his experiences there Ernie developed a vision as to how professional relationships could be enhanced and strengthened within the wholesale distribution channel.

This career and personal growth came as Ernie’s responsibilities included: managing a personal sales territory of $1 million, holding product seminars, training staff and merchandisers, supervising a 56 acre production & shipping location, and overseeing their trade show presence at Garden Grow/Whitney Farms.

Prior to his wholesale experiences in this industry Ernie spent 12 years in a retail environment,  as the assistant manager of a variety store. While there Ernie discovered the importance of great customer service, the value of extensive training, the need for deep organization, the necessity of proper management, and the power of good merchandising.

These insights and strengths came as he was entrusted with, and excelled at; purchasing for three retail locations, writing all seasonal ads (holidays and garden), managing of departments, teaching merchandising to employees, directing the re-merchandising of a complete remodel, organizing company purchasing, hiring & firing of personnel, and increasing sales and decreasing dead inventory.

Ernie’s career blend of his familiarity with, knowledge of, and experiences in retail, wholesale, production, and distribution environments have provided him with a unique insight and background which enables him to understand the needs of manufacturers, importers, distributors, sales teams, and store owners alike.

He has developed a supportive, focused team that has successfully represented all interests in the distribution and retailing of garden and related products. Ernie and Garden Home Products deliver unmatched, industry-leading service and marketing support as importer and manufacturer representatives – through an increasing web presence, an email newsletter, a product showroom, sales and product training programs, merchandising plans, and frequent retail store visits. These extraordinary practices among Reps. permit them to provide service that is without equal in the industry.

The efforts and energies Ernie exhibits in his professional life are matched at home in his personal life, as evidenced in his woodworking and carpentry talent in various remodeling projects. He also enjoys his time in the kitchen where he stirs up wonderful desserts, as well as tasty meals. His backyard gas grill seems to be one his favorite places to stand!

Trudy Carlson

 An entrepreneurial fire has been the motivating factor behind Trudy Carlson’s achievements as a business owner. From a quarter century of small business experience she has gained a wealth of knowledge that has refined her as a professional. Trudy has a knack in selecting and applying the appropriate business acumen as new ventures and environments arise. She is practiced at bringing the essentials for success to those she allies with.

All of her commercial ventures have focused on delivering high level customer service and quality products. From her first entrepreneurial experience as the founder and sole proprietor of a secretarial service, Service With A Memory, Trudy learned the value of providing complete customer satisfaction. Her talents built her a very loyal clientele – as her original customers matured from college students needing proofread and typed school papers, to young professionals requiring resumes, to business people seeking her talents in the development of various business correspondences and proposals.

From her next self-founded and ran commercial adventure of manufacturing and wholesaling ceramics, Dynamic Ceramics, Trudy acquired additional skills in managing a part-time production staff, developing Rep. relationships, overseeing shipping, maintaining inventory, merchandising, recordkeeping, selling, and trade show planning. From her time there she matured as a businesswoman becoming practiced and proficient at directing the affairs of a successful small business – through fulfilling client requests, addressing concerns, solving problems, and supplying quality product.

Trudy’s current company, Garden Home Products, which she co-owns with her husband, was a logical step in her professional progression. One in which she gets to employ all past experiences and skills while expanding her horizons. Under her management this evolving venture provides a venue in which they excel at providing unrivaled sales support and superior, first-class products to the garden, hardware, and gifts industry.

New challenges in garden-industry marketing allow her to continue to grow professionally as she is constantly searching for innovative new ways to better serve and communicate with customers – manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, nursery and garden center owners, and retail store sales staff. She leads Garden Home Products marketing efforts in delivering industry-leading service and support by driving an ever evolving Internet presence, emailed newsletters, a product showroom, sales and product training programs, merchandising plano-grams, and by making regular store service, ordering, and stocking calls. These rare practices among Reps. allow them to provide service that is without equal in the industry.

The focus, discipline, and determination learned from years of piano and music practice as a child and young adult have served Trudy well in her professional life. Her developed tenacity in pursuing, learning, and persisting at a task come from those challenges. Although she pursued piano and music studies at Portland State University, it was her recognized talents in writing and communication that earned her a scholarship in Journalism from the University of Minnesota. It was a combination of her personal and educational experiences that fueled her initial, successful foray into that first entrepreneurial experience.

On the home front Trudy managed to raise three sons while running her businesses. Her parenting skills are still being put to use as she is playing a large role in the rearing of a granddaughter. She relaxes at home by playing the piano and organ, but you will often find her curled up on the couch reading a mystery novel or watching the latest movie release. Trudy exhibits a unique love for animals – as over the years she taken in strays, and adopted the abandoned, unwanted, and discarded pets of others into her ever-changing personal menagerie.

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